Here at The Hall of Flames we are passionate about all thing bees and nontoxic beauty products! So using high quality ingredients and looking out for the well being of our friends, the honeybees, is a MUST! 

All our beeswax products are made from cleaned and strained recycled honeycomb panels that where extracted (in a non toxic and chemical free way) from homes who have been targeted by wild bee swarms. The bees also get placed in new colonies! It can't get much better than that! We make sure our beeswax has its signature natural yellow/amber color. Best part is, there's no need to add fragrance, because beeswax has a light floral scent, thanks to the honey bees! :)

All our soap bases are SFIC, meaning all of our soap ingredients are of high quality standards, pure, and as natural as can be with; coconut oil, safflower oil, goats milk, aloe vera and more! We want to help you treat, love and care for your skin holistically by using natural and organic products that will help heal your skin when it's feeling too dry, too oily, or simply unbalanced. We do NOT use any harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients known to dry out your skin, instead we scent and color our soaps naturally with herbs, flowers, spices, high quality fragrance oils and Grade A essential oils. That's it! So simple.

We are proudly cruelty free.We test our products on ourselves first, not bunnies. ❤️ 

| cold process soaps coming soon! |

More about our soap bases:

20% Kosher Glycerine added in most bases

No Animal Testing



Gluten Free


Soy Free


I use natural additives like herbs, flowers, and Grade A essential oils to color and scent my soaps, but because we are all made beautifully different it is important to try these soaps out on a small patch of skin first to assure there is no reaction to any of the herbs, oils, or flowers.

-alexandra hall