My name is Alexandra Hall, co-creator of The Hall of Flames shop and creator of the blog "Our Wild Muse"!

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The idea to start The Hall of Flames was brought on by my husband. We'd just finished making three dozen candles that were to be gifted to our friends and family, after our wedding ceremony, when we realized how much of a good time we had making these candles. When everyone kept mentioning how great the candles turned out we started talking about turning this into a small business. And here we are two years later. :) 

Here we sell 100% raw beeswax candles and pure genuine soaps. All our products are mindfully handcrafted  with love & good vibes - purely to enhance your mood through aromatherapy and to help |LOVE, CARE, & TREAT YOURSELF| with skin care products that have no harsh ingredients and candles that are sure to help you relax.

My plan is simply to make products that I love, and to share them with you at home. I love making soaps, and I love making candles.. this was bound to happen guys! Someday I hope to own a shop full of our candles, soaps and other great products somewhere on Main Street, but for now this e-commerce shop will do :)

Collaborations are being accepted at this time to any shops or bloggers who would like to partner up. Please send an email to thehallofflames@gmail.com with your name, blog name or IG username and a little bit about yourself. 

Thanks for following along and supporting this small shop!! ❤️

-alexandra hall